Thoughts on Survivor Series by Wil Riggs

So it was Sunday morning and we just had a great show at the Balch Springs Recreation Center in Balch Springs, Texas.  I was feeling good about the direction my Indy Pro Wrestling Company was going. So I made a few calls, invited over some of my close friends and decided we were going to watch Survivor Series.  The storylines with WWE have been more compelling than anything they have laid down in quite some time.

The discussion bled over to the Pay Per View.  As we watched, we realized that this was not only one of the most poorly booked pay per views in a long time, but we also realized, NOBODY CARED!

As match after match came and went, we all felt like it was just crappy.  The one highlight through the halfway point was the return of Beth Phoenix and Natalya winning the WWE Divas Championship.  It was awesome!  I have LONG been a fan of Beth and think she is great for WWE.  So we all perked up at that point.

Then, we went back on snooze control.  The Edge/Kane match was a good match, but the storyline is confusing, and was booked poorly.  Please tell me that if Kane is supposed to be mega heel, why is Edge doing heel stuff too.


So we made it to the main event.  Orton. Barrett. Special Guest Referee John Cena. Free or Fired!  They hyped it up and had everyone guessing.  It was compelling.  It was something to make us all buy the pay per view.  It was something that had all kinds of possibilities.  And then end came and….

John Cena makes a victory lap around the arena?  John Cena hugs MICHAEL COLE and tells him he loves him?  Talk about your all time let downs.  Nobody came out to save Cena. Nobody said a word on commentary. Nobody did anything that would make any of us stand up and care.  Thanks WWE for giving us ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to believe in on Survivor Series.

Overall, the PPV gets a big fat “D” in my book. The ONLY reason it didn’t get an “F” is because Beth Phoenix came back, and they didn’t put the strap on Wade Barrett.  Other than that, the show sucked.  I haven’t even watched RAW from last night, but I hear that the Cena portion is pretty good.

So with that said, I wonder why WWE would rather have their weekly shows blow their Pay Per View out of the water than the other way around?  Bad Form, WWE!  BAD FORM!

ANYWAY!  That’s just my 2 cents, but what do I know?

Wil Riggs

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