1. Q – I love your wrestling belts, but I have always wanted to design my own belt. Is that possible?
    • A – Absolutely! That is what Top Rope Belts is all about! Just submit you artwork or ideas through our Quote page for a free custom quote!
  2. Q – What type of plates to you use?
    • A – Top Rope Belts uses only the finest zinc plates available. The plates are .153 thick and etched .08 deep. We offer  Mirror-Finish Nickel plating, 24K gold plating and the best dual plating in the business. Either way, the plating is extraordinary!
  3. Q – Do you sell your wrestling belts on eBay?
    • A – Yes! Our User ID on eBay is topropebeltscom. We try to keep an auction up at all times. Add us to your favorite sellers list and bid, bid, bid!
  4. Q – Do you only make wrestling belts?
    • A – TOP ROPE BELTS is all about options. We make belts for any occasion: MMA, corporate awards, karate, birthdays, you name it.
  5. Q – Can you make a copy of a belt I saw online?
    • A – We prefer to build custom belts for our customers.That being said,we have been blessed to have received permission to create our version of several classic styles. We will NOT exactly duplicate any belts made by any belt makers. If you want a similar style, we will create the artwork and submit it to the original artist for approval. Only then will we consider making the belt.
  6. Q – How long will it take to get my belt delivered?
    • A – Right now, we have a turn around time of approximately 16 weeks from the time payment is received. Please email us to ask about specific time frames as it varies depending on the current work load.
  7. Q – Can you re-leather my belt?
    • A – Yes. Our custom belt customers get immediate service but we will work in re-leathering work from time to time. Visit our contact page and send a message.
  8. Q – Who does your artwork?
    • A – Our artwork is designed by Jesse Justice & Dennis Lanier. The artists can be contacted through our contact form, but any belt inquiries should be directed to Randy Jackson.
  9. Q – Who does your leather work?
    • A – Our leather crafting is done by expert leather crafter Eddie Haupt.
  10. Q – Do you take trade-ins?
    • A – Yes, but on a case by case basis. Email us with your specific request and we will discuss it with you.
  11. Q – What Payments do you accept?
    • A – We accept all kinds of payments; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Western Union and of course cash.
    • Bottom line:
      Top Rope Belts is the best made, best designed belt you can buy. If quality is your primary concern, TRB is your belt maker!

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Rick

    Can you make me a dupicate of a belt that is on your display gallery? Are your straps flappy like real the ones on tv?

  2. Michael Bohacek

    Just send them a concept design with specifics on what you’re looking for and they will send you a design outlining what you want.  You’ll be able to work with them to make it perfect for you.  But first, you need to contact Randy at randy@topropebelts.com to get started.

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