1.) All belts are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship. Any issues must be addressed within seven days of receiving your belt.

2.) Since every belt is a unique creation, there will be no returns for any reason other than a defect. Please be sure you approve your design prior to placing your order.

3.) We reserve the rights to the artwork for advertising and reproduction purposes.

4.) Top Rope Belts welcomes you to submit your ideas and artwork for price quotes. We will do our best to get you a quote for your ideas as quickly as possible. The artwork may be advertised on topropebelts.com and versions of the belt may be reproduced.

5.) Our completion goal is typically 16 – 20 weeks after the artwork is approved. There are rare cases when a belt may be late. Design approval and customer contact is usually the deciding factor in late delivery. We have a detailed belt order form that is to be filled out by the client once the order is placed. This will help make sure critical details are not missed.

6.) If a belt is needed sooner than our standard 12-16 weeks we are happy to oblige. Please contact us so we may discuss the time frame and rush fee.

7.) Top Rope Belts respects copyright protected material. If you require a logo, please be sure to have permission to use the logo from the copyright owner. While we will make every effort to abide by copyright laws, we can not verify every logo requested. We can not take any responsibility for using a logo without proper permission. The buyer accepts full responsibly for acquiring the proper permission.

We appreciate and truly value your business!
If you have any questions regarding our policies, feel free to contact us.

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