1. Q – Why are your belts more expensive than some others I have seen?
    • A – There are many answers to this question, but always remember; you get what you pay
      for. We have built the reputation of being the best custom belt maker in the world and we promise
      you the most belt for your money.
      Besides that, the main thing that makes us different is we do not offer an entry-level belt.
      You can find a three plate belt with nickel plating anywhere. We exclusively offer high-end belts
      with special features. For example: Our base level is a three plate nickel belt with a stacked main
      plate for $2500. Most belt makers cannot create a stacked plate belt correctly. It is second nature
      to us. We have been perfecting our craft since 2006.

      Our belts are made in the United States. Many belt makers are either based in Pakistan
      or import inferior plates from Pakistan and try to pass them off as American. I quick glance is all
      you need to tell the difference. Our plates are a minimum of .153, not .125 as other makers use.
      Plus, we offer the deepest etching available with many plating options!

      All our designs are hand drawn for each client. We do not use clip art! Most belt makers
      have a handful or design templates they regurgitate over and over. They simply plug in your logo
      and maybe add an eagle they downloaded. Is that how you want your belt to look?

      Our price is all inclusive. We do not hit you with hidden fees. We do not charge you a fee
      to use PayPal or a credit card. All other belt makers, that I know of, charge 3.5 – 6% extra for
      those services. All of our prices also include the following: A custom hand-drawn design, Free
      Shipping in the United States, a belt display stand to show off your belt, plus a framed, signed
      and numbered Certificate of Authenticity with matching holographic numbers! So you really do
      get what you pay for!

  2. Q – I love your championship belts, but I have always wanted to design my own belt. Is that possible?
    • A – Absolutely! That is what Top Rope Belts is all about! Just submit you artwork or ideas through our Pricing page along with your budget. We will discuss with you how to get the most belt for your money!
  3. Q – What type of electroplating do you use?
    • A – We offer Mirror-Finish Nickel plating, 24K gold plating and the best dual plating in the business. Other plating options are available. Either way, the plating is extraordinary!
  4. Q – Do you only make wrestling belts?
    • A – TOP ROPE BELTS is all about options. We make belts for any occasion: MMA, corporate awards, karate, birthdays, you name it.
  5. Q – Can you make a copy of a belt I saw online?
    • A – We can make any belt you see on our website for you. It can be modified to suit your needs, if necessary.
  6. Q – How long will it take to get my belt delivered?
    • A – Right now, we have a turnaround time of approximately 12-16 weeks from the time you approve the design. Please email us to ask about specific time frames as it varies depending on the current workload. We will get your belt done as soon as possible, without sacrificing quality.
  7. Q – Can you re-leather my belt?
    • A – Yes. Our custom belt customers get immediate service but we will work in re-leathering work from time to time. Pricing begins at $349. Visit our contact page and send a message.
  8. Q – Do you take trade-ins?
    • A – Yes, but on a case by case basis. Email us with your specific request and we will discuss it with you.
  9. Q – What Payments do you accept?
    • A – We accept all kinds of payments; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Western Union and of course cash.
    • Bottom line:
      Top Rope Belts is the best made, best designed belt you can buy. If quality is your primary concern, TRB is your belt maker! 

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

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  1. Rick

    Can you make me a dupicate of a belt that is on your display gallery? Are your straps flappy like real the ones on tv?

  2. Michael Bohacek

    Just send them a concept design with specifics on what you’re looking for and they will send you a design outlining what you want.  You’ll be able to work with them to make it perfect for you.  But first, you need to contact Randy at randy@topropebelts.com to get started.

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