Features: 2009 replica UFC plates expertly releathered onto soft, genuine leather with a soft backing. Price: SOLD OUT This is a brand new 2009 UFC replica belt that TRb has releathered for you. This is a replica belt made by the UFC that we have removed the plates from the artificial leather strap and placed […]

Price – $75 QTY – 1 Features – Made in Japan from original belt. This belt buckle is only available from Japan. I have one in stock. it is patterned after New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP belt, version 4. It is gold plated and has two high quality faux diamonds. Done miss this opportunity!   […]

Here are some pictures for the NWA Fanfest in Charlotte, NC. My leather crafter, Eddie Haupt, make the trip up from Florida and we had a great time. You will see pictures with everyone from Elijah Burke (AKA The Pope) to Magnum TA! If you see your picture, email me and I will gladly email […]

LESNER WINS, BUT SHOWS NO CLASS My best friend & I have been gathering to watch the UFC on PPV way before the UFC was cool. We actually began with the first UFC, way back in 1993. We were hooked! Even in the days of “no holds barred” fighting, the fighters respected one another. Sure […]