Support Your Local Indy Wrestling Association – Wil Riggs

It’s hard to believe that just 25 short years ago, Dallas, Texas was the Mecca of professional wrestling by the small crowds we see at indy shows today.  The Sportatorium would rock and roll so loud that you could hear the crowd from the highway as you drove by it.  Thousands of people would turn […]

Ah, The Good Ole Days! – Wil Riggs

Working in the wrestling business has taught me a great deal of respect for what the people who came before me really did for this business.  As a child, I grew up watching World Class Championship Wrestling at the Sportatorium.  The larger than life stars of World Class are a veritable Who’s Who of Professional […]

Why Has The WWE Gone PG? by Wil Riggs

The past few years of WWE have been a bit stale and boring from my perspective. Now, before you get all bent out of shape, keep in mind I grew up in the “Attitude Era” of the WWE, and what we see today in comparison is a bit, well… bland. It lacks the attitude and edginess that it had back then.

The REAL Winners and Losers from UFC 114

Winners and Losers from UFC 114 By: Adrian Wilkins It’s been about a week since UFC 114 and in that time I took my time to soak in everything I could after watching this card.  There were some upsets and some bad judging calls and a main event that didn’t quite live up to what […]

UFC 114 Breakdown & Predictions

UFC 114 Breakdown by Adrian Wilkins Predictions by Adrian Wilkins & Randy Jackson It’s getting close to that magical weekend of May 29th and if you’re an MMA fan you HAVE to be stoked about what’s coming up!  After all the hype and build-up we finally get to see “Sugar” Rashad Evans go up against […]

Strike Force: Heavy Artillary by Adrian Wilkins

StrikeForce: Heavy Artillery This past Saturday, Strikeforce put on a card in St. Louis, Missouri, entitled Heavy Artillery and the name fit the show appropriately.  This show had big names in the audience and names in the cage that produced some very exciting fights. Rafael Feijo took on the heavy favorite Antwain Britt in the […]

MMA This week by Adrian Wilkins

After some troubles with my Microsoft Word, I am back with a vengeance to talk all things MMA! I do apologize to my new fan for not being able to get blog updates on as fast as I should…Now let’s get to MMA!!! It’s been about a week since Shogun slayed the Dragon.  What this […]

UFC 113 Recap by Cory Taylor

UFC 113…so much to say. This card was headlined by an event that shouldn’t had to have been taking place if it weren’t for terrible judging, but I digress. Lets get this business started. I want to start off with one of the more controversial fights of the night, which is obviously the Koscheck VS […]

Supreme Knight’s MMA Musings

TRB is happy to welcome their newest MMA Blogger, the Supreme Knight, Adrian Wilkins! The past few weeks have been quite eventful in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.  We’ve seen a new UFC Lightweight champion of the world be crowned at UFC 112. We’ve seen one of the most popular fighters in the world, […]