Posted On: December 5th, 2010

    Categories : Classic Style Wrestling Belts


    90’s Big Gold with Cast Pieces

    This is our newest version of the Big Gold. We patterned it after the WCW version used in the the 1990’s. The flourishes have been expanded and minute details added in certain areas. The Swarovski Crystals are set in double stone settings. This is our first edition using actual cast pieces. The crown, globe and all four sets of wrestlers are all cast elements.

    The dual plating in polished nickel and 24 KT gold finish off the regal look of this belt. The gold is even in all areas, which is a feat to accomplish on such a detailed design. We take great pride in our dual plating. Compare it to any other belts you see and you will notice a difference.If you see areas on a dual plated belt that have differences in the shading, it is where the gold is too thin.

    Finally, the strap is made with the wide cut all the way to the end and it features contrasting white stitching.

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    8 thoughts on “90’s Big Gold with Cast Pieces

    1. Michael

      Randy, I love this belt! What is the difference between casts and plates? I really love your Fully Loaded Big Gold that you have in your gallery as well. I’m wondering which is better. I’ve been considering buying your Fully Loaded belt, but now I’m torn between that one and this one. Any advice?

    2. Shane

      yeah, TRB sometimes sell them on ebay, I bought this exact one with the Sting nameplate, It came today and it is AMAZING!

    3. Michael

      That’s great. I went on ebay and hadn’t seen any of their belts on sale. I suppose it’s a catch-me-if-you-can thing. I’ll keep looking for more belts if they’re ever on sale again.

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