Posted On: July 9th, 2009

    Categories : Creative Leather Work, Custom Wrestling Belts

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    • Artist : Kevin Chappell
    • Leather Work : Eddie Haupt


    United States Belt Version II
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    United States Belt Version II

    This is our new US belt, version 2. It was ordered by Joel of Steel cage memorabilia. Check out his website, for cool wrestling collectibles. This design can be modified for you by adding your logo to the main or side plates. It is instantly recognizable as a United States title. Consider it when ordering your next belt.

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    • Chadd Jackson aka ROTTMARE

      this is a great belt Randy.i still like the other one you made.

    • Daniel

      This US title is one of the best I have ever seen. To be honest, I think it looks better than the WWE`s US title.(No disrespect intended.)

    • Acrofobicblack

      Now this is what a US title suppose to look like!

    • steve thermo

      still can’t be the NWA versions 85 or 86 and the custom NWA U.K, Title

    • Nigma_84

      Hands down the best the us title has ever looked this truly is the undiputed united states championship

    • Wilesdistributing

      I want to buy it, how do I?

    • Randy

      Please email me directly at or check out our pricing page under the SHOP button.

    • Nic

      Normally, American flag patterns look tacky on belts, but this is very clean and classy. Easily the best US title I’ve ever seen.