Posted On: August 11th, 2010

    Categories : MMA & Mixed Martial Arts Belts

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    • Artist : Kevin Chappell
    • Leather Work : Eddie Haupt


    Global Knock Outs MMA Title

    Introducing the GKO title, or as it is soon to be known, The Most Awesome Belt Ever! Jackson Rancheria Casino called us and asked us to raise the bar for MMA title belts. We obliged.

    The three dimensional look is outstanding. The depth is created by not only multiple layers, but the order in which they are stacked to create seperation from the top and bottom layers. Study the pictures and you will notice the top layer overhangs the other layers and has space between them. The result is truly beautiful. Now let us raise the bar even higher, for you!

    Top Rope Belts: Tradition & Innovation.

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