Jeff Hardy’s Immortal Champion Title

    Top Rope Belts is proud to have created this work of art for the Immortal Champion, Jeff Hardy. Based on a painting by Hardy himself, the belt is a showcase his personal, professional and artistic styles.

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    • Cwffancam

      Great job Randy and co.!

    • Monica

      AWESOME……….Jeff’s likeness is amazing!!

    • Captainatom

      Are you going to reproduce these?

    • jr

      Best in the belt biz

    • AX[R]

      this is the coolest belt since the Smocking Skull Belt

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    • Tim Bumpers

      I just wish the strap was black

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    • Stingcs11

      its awesome!!!!!!

    • Sonneveld

      Really well done! Quite an amazing piece. Gives the championship a mythic feel. Some big names and great talent have held that title, but I think this might do more to elevate it than anything in recent memory. It’s a needed boost.

    • MrBiz420

      Sickest Belt So Far,I Love The Design.

    • Hazardf5

      are TNA going to allow the reproduction of this belt?

    • Cameron

      when are u going to make a copy of this belt and sale it because i really want one despaetly

    • Jmpbasketball7

      how much, I’ll give you anything for it!

    • Yle303

      Two words..replicate it

    • rughead13

      cool belt. would u be able to make me the same belt i will pay anything for it


      I WANT IT!!!!!!!!

    • Itchweed21

      wen r thy going 2 make replacas of this title. id buy it

    • syem

      bad bwoii!!! i got it

    • Adamocracy

      How much?!

    • peter

      make a replica plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • 10MIkeg

      please give me that belt i would give you anything

    • 10MIkeg

      jeff hardy please make some more

    • Manu

      I want a copy of this two you need to make one :'(

    • the.extreme.enigma

      O.M.F.G i want one

    • Bestgirlsp


    • Swag

      Make A Replica Please

    • Anonymous

      very gooood

    • Othere042

      are these all the same belt in the pic?  on some of them it looks to be all gold and on others it looks to be gold and silver

    • EdwardDoebler

      me and you both

    • EdwardDoebler

      i said ppl with twitter should twit jeffhardy and get him to allow them to make replicas of it so the fans can buy it.

    • Jescobedo8709

      it lookes cool put it for a replica

    • Anthonymgp

      can i buy it on any website? if you do please tell me