Posted On: November 12th, 2010

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    • Artist : Kevin Chappell
    • Leather Work : Eddie Haupt


    Jeff Hardy’s Immortal Champion Title

    Top Rope Belts is proud to have created this work of art for the Immortal Champion, Jeff Hardy. Based on a painting by Hardy himself, the belt is a showcase his personal, professional and artistic styles.

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    34 thoughts on “Jeff Hardy’s Immortal Champion Title

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    4. Sonneveld

      Really well done! Quite an amazing piece. Gives the championship a mythic feel. Some big names and great talent have held that title, but I think this might do more to elevate it than anything in recent memory. It’s a needed boost.

    5. Othere042

      are these all the same belt in the pic?  on some of them it looks to be all gold and on others it looks to be gold and silver

    6. EdwardDoebler

      i said ppl with twitter should twit jeffhardy and get him to allow them to make replicas of it so the fans can buy it.

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