MMA This week by Adrian Wilkins

After some troubles with my Microsoft Word, I am back with a vengeance to talk all things MMA! I do apologize to my new fan for not being able to get blog updates on as fast as I should…Now let’s get to MMA!!!

It’s been about a week since Shogun slayed the Dragon.  What this fight done was to prove to everyone what everyone already was thinking, Maricio “Shogun” Rua really is the better fighter.  And he gets to face…The winner of the main event at UFC 114!!! So will Rua face Rashad Evans or Rampage Jackson?  This fight has all the makings of fight of the year and it won’t be what pro wrestling fans such as myself call a “scientific match”.  There won’t be too many take down attempts or submission attempts. This is going to be a knock-down drag-out BRAWL!!!

Now for something I’d like to call the “Landing On Their Feet” Award of the week.  Paul Daley. Sure he did the VERY idiotic thing in hitting Josh Koschek after the final bell in their co-main event fight this past weekend and getting cut by Dana White and company.  Daley said the following exclusively to MMA Weekly, “That’s it. All over. I got my walking papers this morning and I am glad that things are now official. It’s a shame things went the way they did, but on the brighter side of things it opens up a lot more doors for me,” exclaimed the British bruiser, adding that his next venture into combat will be on the other side of the world.

“I am fighting on a pay-per-view show in Australia on July 3 with a lot of other big names, and I have other offers in the pipeline.”

Daley is one of the most exciting fighters in the Welterweight Division and I’m extremely sad to see him out of the UFC, but Zuffa’s loss could very well be Strikeforce’s gain in the near future.

Sad news of the week is that the loss to former NFL player, Matt  Matrione, Kimbo Slice got his walking papers from the UFC as well. Dana White couldn’t find a way to keep the circus going on, but I wouldn’t call it a failed “experiment”. Kimbo has shown that he wants to learn all things MMA and I believe that the UFC should have tried working with him, but they may have told Kimbo to go out to smaller shows and get a couple of wins and get back in the Octagon ©.  My one word advice to Kimbo Slice would be to work on your leg muscles. Matrione exposed a HUGE weakness in your game and working on your leg striking defense will make you a better fighter and I can see Strikeforce wanting to pick you up.

Well, this is kinda short, but TUF just came on and I want to take a peek at that and watch UFC Primetime: Evans/Jackson.  Be safe and stay blessed!!!

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