TNA VS WWE: The New Monday Night Wars?

Monday night was the first time in ten years I have been excited about wrestling! Once WWE purchased WCW, and killed off the brand, there was no incentive to watch anymore. I won’t even go into what a golden opportunity Vince missed by not continuing WCW under Shane’s rule.
Being from NC, I have always been a big mark for Ric Flair and pretty must despised Hulk Hogan. But Hulk’s name carries a lot of power, so it is great that TNA has contracted with him. If they play their cards right, this could be a meteoric rise to prominence for Total Nonstop Action.
It was like a time warp in the wrestling world last night. On WWE, you had Brett Hart and HBK in the ring. ON TNA, there stood the NWO. Wow. Sting in the rafters, Flair possibly mentoring AJ Styles, and heh, heh, Val Venis!

With the mix of young and old, it will be interesting to see how the roster shakes out. Bischoff has made it clear that you have to be good on the microphone, while wrestling talent places second.It was good to see AJ go over Angle. It was surprising to see the Pope go over Wolfe, but maybe these are good signs for the young guys.The biggest coup of the night has to be acquiring Jeff Hardy. Most of the other guys are past their prime, but Jeff is at the top of his game. His daredevil style will fit right in with the no limits style of the X division. Not only that, but he can carry the company as the franchise heavyweight champion as well.
I for one will be watching for surprise debuts and listening for the verbal jabs. Bring on the Monday Night Wars!

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