UFC 113 Recap by Cory Taylor

UFC 113…so much to say. This card was headlined by an event that shouldn’t had to have been taking place if it weren’t for terrible judging, but I digress. Lets get this business started.

I want to start off with one of the more controversial fights of the night, which is obviously the Koscheck VS Daley fight. Koscheck easily blanketed a win over Daley, winning a decision. This fight was fueled with no love loss and heated verbal exchanges for the past few months. Daley even presented Koscheck with the winning photo of the ‘photoshop Koscheck’ competition, which portrayed a wide eyed Kos as the ever so meek painter Bob Ross:

Im not gonna lie, it was funny. But really, this only fueled the fire. The fight began with Koscheck quickly denying a glove touch and the horn sounded. The first controversial incident was this ‘phantom knee’:

As we could all see from home, Daley never touched anything on Kos’ head but his fro, but Kos played it out like he had been devastated, and this of course wouldn’t of been the first time. So the fight was stopped and restarted with no point deduction. There isnt else much to say about the fight itself other than Koscheck grounded Daley for the rest of the fight and blanketed out a decision. The real controversy happened after the fight:

The fight was very much so over, and Daley walks up to Kos and sucker punches him. We all knew Dana was not going to approve of this and suspend him at the most, but to our surprise he went further and fired him on the spot, and rightfully so. Its a shame, really. Even though Daley lost, he had a good future ahead of him.

Matt Mitrione and Kimbo Slice gave us exactly what we wanted with a few surprises. Kimbo came out and slammed Mitrione 3 times and he was spent. Mitrione proceeded to out strike Kimbo and deliver some devastating leg kicks that completely took Kimbo out. Mitrione attempted a couple triangle chokes that didn’t look half bad, but ended up grounding and pounding Slice to a TKO victory in the 2nd. Mitrione impressed many with his victory over Slice, but a good performance against a lack luster fighter doesn’t hold a lot of weight. During post show interviews with Dana, he said Kimbo had run his use in the UFC and that he had nothing but respect for Kimbo. I personally second that.

Patrick Cote was finally returning after some serious surgeries to his knee against Alan Belchere. The Canadian native was heavily favored to win against Belchere after being so dominant before facing current champ Anders Silva. Belchere immediately began welcoming Cote back to the cage with vicious kicks, and ultimately upsetting Cote with a RNC in the 2nd. Belchere looked great in this fight and I am expecting a big fight lined up for him soon.

Jason McDonald unfortunately broke his ankle in two places in the first round against John Salter, giving Salter an immediate TKO victory. This is too bad for McDonald, as not only did he need this win, but this will undoubtedly set him back for a good time. I wont be too surprised to see him cut.

The main event of the evening was shrouded in previous angst, as Shogun and Machida’s first meeting was tainted by a very poor decision by the judges. So I expected this fight to have some serious fireworks and I was not let down. Shogun silenced the doubters as well the judges very quickly when he KO’d Machida in the first round. Machida’s elusive fighting came to a quick answer at UFC 113, giving him his first loss in his MMA career, and taking Shogun back to the top of the heap in mixed martial arts. Its already being rumored that Shogun is going to fight Couture, so we shall see.


Mauricio RuaLyoto MachidaTKO/RSC1st3:45
Josh KoscheckPaul DaleyDecision3rd
Jeremy StephensSam StoutDecision3rd
Matt MitrioneKimbo SliceTKO/RSC2nd4:24
Alan BelcherPatrick CoteSubmission (RNC)2nd3:29
Joe DoerksenTom LawlorSubmission (RNC)2nd2:10
Marcus DavisJonathan GouletTKO/RSC2nd1:23
John HendricksTJ GrantDecision3rd
Joey BeltranTim HagueDecision3rd
Mike GuymonYoshiyuki YoshidaDecision3rd
John SalterJason McDonaldTKO (Injury)1st2:42
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