Posted On: August 24th, 2009

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    • Artist : Kevin Chappell
    • Leather Work : Eddie Haupt


    TRB Custom 3D Spinner Belt

    We wanted to showcase the cutting edge work of Top Rope Belts, all in one belt, to display at the 2009 NWA Legends show. This was the result!

    The belt features a 3D spinning plate with the TRB logo. Kevin took my rough drawing and turned it into this masterpiece. It has all the members or TRB listed right 0n the plates. Kevin Chappell our senior artist, Eddie Haupt our leather crafter, and me, Randy Jackson, owner of TRB.

    Other aspects include: dual plating, floating corner plates, divider side plates, Swarovski crystals, tributes to different belts on the side plates, multi-layer etching, flame tooling in the leather and lightning bolts. The flames seem to be engulfing the plates as well as the leather.

    The belts we are paying tribute to are examples of a hardcore design, a classic remake, a modern design and our first custom design. By name, they are the 6 man tag, the Lou Thesz, the Big Black (Rod & Big) and the Freedom belt.


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