Posted On: August 15th, 2009

    Categories : Classic Style Wrestling Belts, International Clients

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    • Artist : Kevin Chappell
    • Leather Work : Eddie Haupt


    TRB Intercontinental Belt V2
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    TRB Intercontinental Belt V2

    This new Intercontinental version 2 has an incredible design! We had the basic belt drawn up, just waiting for a buyer. The new owner is of Chinese/American descent, so we modified our original concept to celebrate his heritage. An Intercontinental theme ready matched what he was needing: East meets West! Most of the design is from our origanal concept, but the inner side plates feature and eagle carrying an American flag and a dragon gripping a Chinese flag. We also added the Chinese characters for US & PRC.

    The man holding the belt on the main plate pays homage to the old WWF Big Green, while the overall concept is very modern. TRB: Tradition & Innovation!

    We added his initials to the bottom of the main plate. Your federation logo could go there or we can modify the design for your specific needs.

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    One thought on “TRB Intercontinental Belt V2

    1. patsfanchina

      I’m the actual owner of this belt, and my jaw dropped when I saw and held it for the first time. The initial drafts/drawings did not do this belt justice! I was amazed at the weight of the belt, the detail of the design and the engraving work, and the overall quality and luster of the material and craftsmanship. I had asked for something “old school” yet “classy” – those were my exact words – and this homage blends and honors the 80’s WWF IC belt and the ‘84 Big Green belt (with the figure in the middle). TRB has earned a loyal customer here! Time for another belt…

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