Jeweler Style Big Gold Belt

    This is the TRB version of the famous Crumrine Big Gold that Ric Flair introduced in the 1980s!
    It is available in dual plated and an all gold version, on your choice of leather color! Look at all the 3D elements and how tall that rope border is! The best thing? The plates are all one piece, but have multiple levels! That’s right, no stacked plates or relief pieces needed!
    We spent hundreds of hours perfecting this design, just trying to get every little detail right. We started by machining a prototype and then hand tooled much of the design. Once we had it to our exacting specifications, we had it cast. Unlike old school centrifugal bronze casting, our plates are as strong as conventional acid etched plates! How? Simple. They are cast in the same metal (zinc) that is used in acid etched belts! Along with using modern casting methods, the zinc helped us achieve a perfect cast.

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