Posted On: July 11th, 2009

    Categories : Classic Style Wrestling Belts

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    • Artist : Kevin Chappell
    • Leather Work : Eddie Haupt


    Mid South North American Championship

    The Mid South North American title is a huge belt with an interesting history. I have had a lot of call for this belt, but there were no good pictures available. I finally was able to acquire some. This belt features multi-layer etching to achieve the 3D look. Check out the filigree work & nugget work on the surface of the plates. This is the first belt I have ever seen with etching on multiple layers of the same plate. We even recreated the original font from scratch. The artwork took weeks to perfect, but it received Magnum TA’s approval!

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    5 thoughts on “Mid South North American Championship

    1. Dan Augusto

      I’ve always loved this belt and I’m very happy with the purchase of it..

      Great Work Randy,



    2. Mattgrey75

      I have purchased SEVERAL belts from Randy this by far was the most expensive notably due to its size and artwork.  Though expensive it was a bit cheaper than other reputable belt makers I got quotes from.  Funny the other belt makers I got quote from were willing to recreate however were not overly joyfult o complete because its very difficult.  Randy was a champ and was like bring it on.

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