You are either Nexus or Against Us! by Wil Riggs

You are either Nexus or Against Us!

That’s what they say, anyway.  But I am beginning to really enjoy this whole storyline.  WWE has FINALLY realized that younger talent needs to be brought along to help push the product to new heights.  With the Undertaker likely only having a year or two at the most left in his career, Shawn Michaels retired, Chris Jericho taking time off to do whatever Chris Jericho is doing, and a whole host of other departures since the morning dawned on 2010, something has to give.  I was pretty sure John Cena was going to beat Wade Barrett for sure.  After all, John Cena is the face of WWE.  Like it or not, it’s true.  John Cena is a charismatic superstar that kids love.  And let’s face it, most parents will do almost anything for their kids, even if it means buying all the John Cena merchandise off the shelves.

Personally, I don’t mind Cena.  I think he is a fantastic role model for younger generations, and absolutely one of the most genuine, giving athletes in any sport.  As has been highlighted on WWE television for the last few weeks, he is one of the most giving athletes that Make A Wish Foundation has ever had involved in their program.  Now let’s think about that for a minute.

All of you out there who hate on John Cena because you say he can’t wrestle, or because you are just tired of his schtick, or whatever the reason you have found to dislike him.  Think about that.  John Cena spends his free time giving his time to kids who are dying, or fighting death on a daily basis.  Their only wish is to meet and talk with John Cena.  Like John has said, “it’s unreal to be someone’s wish. It doesn’t even sound right”.  But kids around the world love him because he represents the good in all of us, in and out of the ring.  As someone who has put on a benefit show for a child with cancer, I can personally attest to the mental toughness that it takes to stay focused and get the job done in light of the cause.  So I commend John Cena for all that he does and all that he gives to the less fortunate.

Now, a lot of you out there are too young to remember Hulk Hogan in his prime.  I am not talking WCW nWo Hogan, I am talking the “Real American” Mid 80’s Hulk Hogan.  The Hulk Hogan that body slammed Andre the Giant.  The Hogan that beat the Iron Sheik the first time he ever won the WWF Championship.  That Hulk Hogan, who was so popular that HULKAMANIA WAS RUNNING WILD, BROTHER!  Was LESS talented in the ring that John Cena.  A friend of mine put it into perspective for me the other day when talking about John Cena when he said:

“John Cena could go out there and chain wrestle. I have seen him do it.  He can do a lot of top rope stuff, I have seen him do that too.  But he doesn’t have to.  He gets over without it.”

And I completely agree with him.  The fans, whether they choose to boo or cheer for Cena, need to realize that he doesn’t have to do all the crazy stuff to get over.  Hell, I remember when a Hulk Hogan match consisted of him starting on fire, starting to get beat down, Hulking up, the come back, whip into the ropes, big boot, off the ropes, leg drop, and the pin.  And I can tell you right now, back then, everyone thought it was awesome.  They went bananas over it!  So why should it be different today?  Because all the high fliers have changed the game?  Because people want to see people damn near kill themselves to be entertained? I don’t think so.

Wake up, people.  These guys are not acrobats.  They are professional wrestlers.  Either appreciate them for what they do, or don’t watch.  It’s that simple.


Wil Riggs

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2 thoughts on “You are either Nexus or Against Us! by Wil Riggs

  1. Tracy Stone

    I am interested in seeing where this storyline will go now that Cena is in Nexus…the thing I didn’t like about Nexus was that it was a rip off of the nWo…when Nexus first started attacking everyone in sight, I thought that Vince had brought back WCW and forgot to tell the viewers…lol

    But with Cena in the mix now as a “member”, it should be very interesting…will he turn complete heel, or will he stay like he was on Monday night in his tag team match with Michael Tarver…makes me wonder.

  2. Michael

    Adding John Cena to NEXUS is a great idea if the WWE has any plans for the individuals that are part of NEXUS. Cena will help them learn how to perform a better than average match day in and day out. Right now, NEXUS (other than maybe Wade Barrett) couldn’t carry a match on their own and would stink up the place. So, Cena would be a good “mentor” to those guys and give them some real legitimacy. Do they compare to the NWO, not really, because those guys were already legitimate wrestlers. NEXUS members are unknown, green wrestlers who can’t call or carry a match on their own. So, all-in-all, a good angle to put Cena with those guys. Maybe they’ll find another breakout star from this group like they did from Dolph Ziggler after his Spirit Squad run.

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